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Fashion Trends in Homes | Boom Brothers, Madison, WI Building

One of the greatest generations helped shape history in World War II, came home, and began building. Suburbs, tract homes, parks, and malls. Materials were still in short supply, and it was hard to tell one new neighborhood from the next. The focus was to use available materials and build a nice home for the new family. The homes seemed to mirror the fashion of the day. Hats for men, dresses for women, without a lot of choices.

Individuality rules today. A seemingly endless amount of new products and ideas are available to help everyone find a unique personal style. Older homes are passing to a new generation who are eager to update and add their own style for a one-of-a-kind dream home. Marketing and the internet have helped fuel a frenzy of ideas and creativity of which homeowners are buying into.

But before you begin, does it add value?

We all have old, funny clothes in our closet. An impulse buy of something we “just had to have,” but of no real value now. A house is an investment. One of the most important and exciting purchases you may make. Give value priority. Work with your professional realtor and builder to “make sure the house has good bones.”

Enhance your living areas. Update windows, furnace, etc. Take care of the basics first, just like the men and women from the greatest generation. Then use your creativity and choose from the vast amount of products available today to add some personal style to your home!

About Jim Hughes

Jim brings 35+ years of experience in the construction industry. He graduated from UW-Platteville with a Bachelor of Science in Construction Management and has since worked in a variety of disciplines including masonry, building, drafting, estimating, and project management. In his off-time he works on his own house and visits his home farm to help his brother.

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