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DON’T LOSE THE AGE OF YOUR HOME IN A NEW REMODEL | Home Remodeling, Renovation, Madison, WI

A remodeling project can be like a wardrobe update for your home. An exciting explosion of new products and colors can really change the look of your home, but be careful. All new products on an older home could turn out like your Dad trying to wear skinny jeans — not a good visual!

Find products that you like and start testing how they go together. Have fun with it! I see people who agonize, stress out, and fight over this. Think of it as dressing your house up, get creative. Run it past your contractor or family friend for a fresh set of eyes. Your contractor’s knowledge can help guide you in decision making and trends. Grab an adult beverage, spread your choices out, relax, and once you’ve made your decisions…

Look at the samples in a new light, literally. Store lights do not tell you the whole story, and are not consistent in your personal home lighting or the lighting sun will provide. Take the samples outside or, better yet, have that adult beverage and watch what the different light does to your samples in your own home.

To recap:

  1. Be mindful with your new remodeling materials. Make sure the new and the old can coexist seamlessly.
  2. Once your materials have been selected, be sure to test them in different lighting.
  3. Enjoy your new view!

– Jim Hughes

About Jim Hughes

Jim brings 35+ years of experience in the construction industry. He graduated from UW-Platteville with a Bachelor of Science in Construction Management and has since worked in a variety of disciplines including masonry, building, drafting, estimating, and project management. In his off-time he works on his own house and visits his home farm to help his brother.

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