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Painting Products to Make Your Life Easier | Boom Brothers Property Solutions, Madison, WI

We’ve been doing a lot of painting lately and thought it would be helpful to look for lesser-known tools to speed up the process and improve the quality. We’re eager to give these following products a try during our next painting excursion.

Corner Ease Lambswool Roller
Painting big, expansive walls can be a breeze with your roller and extension. Right as you’re getting into the groove and ready to move onto the next wall you reach that awkward, corner-laden section of the room. Switching from the roller to a hand brush can change the texture and coverage of the paint, leaving that corner to stick out once the paint has dried. The Corner Ease Lambswool Roller is a convenient size to get into the corners or small crevices and, the true selling point, the texture and coverage will mimic that of a standard roller brush.

Anza Painting Brushes
If you’ve ever painted a window, you know how quickly impatience can arise. It’s all about the details with window sills and frames, and a sloppy paint job will be painfully obvious. Anza brushes, although more expensive, offer a quality product. The oval and round brushes are ideal for windows with the ability to evenly apply a generous coat of paint the first time around (with the small, awkward angles and spaces included) and their handles are specifically designed to make the grip comfortable. With the evenly applied coat and comfortable grip, the detailed painting should go much quicker overall.

Quickey Stickey Door Hinge Mask
Typically when painting doors and door frames, the hinges need to be removed from both to guarantee a clean line. The Quickey Stickey appears to be a shortcut, perfectly fitted for typical door hinge shapes. Place the Quickey Stickey on the hinge, paint over the sticker while painting the door or frame, and remove once the paint has dried.

Wonder Buckets
This tool allows you to carry around your entire paint arsenal with you. Eliminating paint trays, which can get messy, you can pour the paint right into the Wonder Bucket and wipe the brush or roller along the side to get rid of excess paint. It even has a spot where you can hook the roller handle in to suspend it above the paint while you take a break. The other compartments in it allow for other materials such as tape, a cloth, or a hand brush.

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