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Become an Investor

Become an Investor at Boom Brothers Property Solutions | Madison, WI

In addition to renovations and remodels on client homes, we buy and sell homes at reasonable prices in our community. We purchase distressed properties below market value, renovate, and sell those properties to home buyers or landlords. Our focus is on providing solutions for our clients and finding value for our investors by locating unattractive, vacant homes and putting them back into use after renovation. If you’re interested in becoming an investor, these are common ways you can fund a deal:

Cash held in most types of bank accounts can be easily accessed and quickly begin the process. Fees are generally minimal for wire transfers and cashier’s checks.

Home Equity Line of Credit
A home equity line of credit is a very powerful source of funding that many people have. Unleveraged equity is dead money and it’s not making any interest. It’s a way to make sure you’re in first position when we’re ready to pull the trigger and buy a property.

Personal and Business Lines of Credit
Personal loans and signature lines of credit can be obtained from most banks or credit unions by anyone with good credit and a stable income.

Download our Investor Packet for further information on investing and how the rest of the process works.

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