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Check Your Vision: Your Dream Home Still Needs the Basics

Your Dream Home Still Needs the Basics | Home Renovation, Buying, Boom Brothers Property Solutions

Do you have 20/20 vision with your dream home? Tour a home with a friend or partner and compare notes. The creative personality looks at the curb appeal, cabinet storage, and how the light plays in each room. The analytical personality looks at the total square feet, how old the kitchen appliances are, and if the lights work. Collectively, you have still missed a lot of details.

i.e. How many electrical outlets were in each room?

It is only natural to start forming a wish list based on what you saw—and start competing for what you want within a limited budget. Will you have a renovated kitchen or a new media room? Strategies may be formed before the tour is even finished, and there may not be enough budget to do it all.

Time for a vision check. Go back to the basics, figure out your needs before your wants.

Direct your attention to the foundation, mechanicals, windows, roof, etc. Focus your vision (the more eyes the better) on the boring, but very important, basics. Compare notes and allocate budget money for these items. Your team of realtors and contractors act as a pair of glasses to help you see these important, basic priorities more clearly. Let the contractor guide you at this stage.

Once the basics are covered, the fun can begin. Go through the home again. Dream, create, and compromise to decide which updates have priority. With a clear vision, you can now have role reversal and guide your contractor to achieve your dream home.

– Jim Hughes

About Jim Hughes

Jim brings 35+ years of experience in the construction industry. He graduated from UW-Platteville with a Bachelor of Science in Construction Management and has since worked in a variety of disciplines including masonry, building, drafting, estimating, and project management. In his off-time he works on his own house and visits his home farm to help his brother.

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