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Basement Remodel – Sugar Maple Lane

In this fun Basement re-model for Sarah and Mitch, we took over their project after the framing and electrical had been completed by their builder. We finished the walls/ceilings with drywall, orange peel texture and matching paint to flow with the rest of their home. The trim and doors in the space are also matched to the rest of the home to provide cohesiveness.

We finished off a recreational area for Mitch and Sarah to play some foosball and entertain, and also added the necessary electrical for them to have a media wall with a nicely-sized, wall-hung TV. Lastly, we finished off a three-quarter bath in the space with simple yet elegant fixtures.

We also had the opportunity to add some nice design elements such as opening up the staircase wall, adding Maple railing with white balusters, and dimmable lighting to add greater functionality to the spaces.

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