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Cottage Kitchen Remodel – Sturgeon Bay

Tom and Kris were looking to do a light kitchen remodel in their cottage home to maximize storage space. While they wanted the kitchen to have a fresh, new feel, they also wanted to keep it in line with the style of the rest of the cottage. In the new space, we installed new cabinets, countertops, and a white subway tile backsplash. We also added in some more natural light through a sun tube in the ceiling.

As an opportunity for added functionality and space optimization, we retro-fitted a base cabinet with wheels so it can be easily moved to access a cellar door in the floor when needed. Acting as a centerpiece to the project, we re-integrated the original steel sink to keep with the style of the rest of the cottage.

Mid-project, Tom and Kris decided to add a stainless steel range hood over the oven, leaving a lone cabinet to be placed elsewhere. Together, we decided to install the cabinet above their dry bar for further storage.

Leaving a minimal amount of waste for the project, we repurposed the original kitchen cabinets as additional storage in their laundry room. In doing this, it also meant more of their original cottage was still in use which was a very important factor for Tom and Kris.

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