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Basement Remodel – Blooming Leaf Way

Basement Remodel – Blooming Leaf Way

Wanting to increase their living square footage and add a guest bedroom, Micah and Jolene contracted us for a complete basement remodel. Originally open, we added walls to create separate spaces for an exercise room, bathroom, living space, bedroom with closet space, and utility room. To complete the bedroom we installed an egress window and ran the closet down the full length of the new room for additional storage of seasonal items. Separating the bedroom and living space are frosted glass French doors that have the ability to provide guests with some privacy or keep the space open when not in use. The bathroom also included some frosted glass features in the sliding shower door. Next to the shower we installed open concept built-in linen shelving. We finished off the bathroom with vinyl plank flooring to incorporate a desired rustic look while providing 100% waterproof functionality. Adding some flair in the living space while separating the exercise room is a custom-built, sliding barn door. The trim and doors are stained with a dark finish to nicely tie-in the basement with the rest of the home’s finishes.

Storage Shed – Broken Bow Road

Kitchen Remodel – Mayhill Drive

Bathroom Remodel – Mayhill Drive

Victorian Attic Remodel – North Street

Victorian Attic Remodel – North Street

  • New second story floor plan
  • Added new staircase and stairwell
  • New windows and skylights
  • Replaced knob and tube wiring
  • Used reclaimed, original wood from the house
  • Custom woodwork on trim, bookcase, closet doors, cabinet doors, and newel posts
  • Used original techniques and finishes to keep the historic look of the house

The Victorian’s owners wanted to have a finished communal space in their attic as a hang out, office space, or nice reading spot for the family to enjoy. But before we could even touch the attic, we had to create a way to access it. Changing up the floor plan on the second floor, we deconstructed walls on two existing rooms to make room for a new staircase. After demoing the plaster/lathe of the walls we re-arranged and re-framed them, added new electrical, and new HVAC routes.

Once those were complete we started framing the landing for the staircase, as well as the stairway. We then sheet-rocked and plastered the bedroom sides of the new walls so those rooms were accessible again to the family.

Now that the framework was set for the stairs, we moved to the attic and removed loose insulation on the floor deck and demoed an unused chimney to run HVAC and electrical lines straight up to the attic. From here we began work on the floor, prepped for insulation, finished up the electrical, and installed the skylights.

To finish it up we installed the insulation, had plasterboard hung and plastered, installed the remaining windows, finished installing the electrical work, painted, and added trim. The last step was finishing up the staircase. As a special touch we used some reclaimed wood from the house that was still in good condition and did our own custom woodwork and staining including the trim, bookcase, closet doors, cabinet doors, and newel posts to make sure the attic would look and feel the same as the rest of the house.

Before and after of a Victorian attic space
Before and after of a Victorian attic space
Before and after of a Victorian attic space

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